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Michael Sterling
Owner and General Contractor

Michael Sterling

Michael is a native Northern Nevadan who has been working in the building industry for over 30 years. Growing up in the region and industry, Michael really enjoyed learning all aspects of the building trades and is grateful that he was able to train alongside seasoned multi-generational tradesmen.

Since Michael first stepped foot onto a construction site at the age of 10, he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He started his journey at 15 years old doing excavation work. He then went on to work for various companies in the industry, sharpening his skills through each new trade he encountered. His hard work and dedication showed as he worked his way up the ladder; starting as a laborer, then apprentice, journeyman, foreman, and superintendent.

In 2001 Michael married Nicole, whose family, also had an extensive construction background. In 2003, the two took a leap of faith and side by side started their company, Sterling Construction. Three years later as the business grew, they decided to incorporate, and thus Sterling Builders was established.

Michael strongly believes in the importance of being not only the name of the business but the face as well. This shows with the attention he gives to each and every client. When you hire Sterling Builders, you will know who is behind the “curtain”. Michael loves being a part of the building process, and helping to make his customer's dreams a reality!

Michael believes three key things help to run a successful business: building a personal rapport with his clients, discussing their visions, and offering personalized customer service. He loves being a part of the building process and helping to make his customers dreams a reality.

Michael is also Trex Pro certified. Sterling Builders LLC is affiliated with Rockford Steel buildings. He sells and erects their metal buildings. He went through their rigorous training in Boulder Colorado to learn every aspect, in order to deliver a quality product.

Owner and Office Manager

Nicole Sterling

Nicole is also a native Northern Nevadan; her family has been involved with some of the earlier building and developments in the Reno area. Nicole has seen her small town of Reno grow all around her. She says that where she lives now used to be a place she would run for miles in empty fields.

Nicole, by Mike’s side, started their business when their first daughter Madison was born. They believe that keeping their business small but personal is important to their continuing business dynamic. Nicole never stops learning. As things grow and change in the world around her, she adapts to these challenges by immersing herself in learning new terms, software, and skills.

Both daughters, now grown, are involved in the family business as well.

You will find that the entire team at Sterling Builders is hard-working, detail orientated, and trustworthy. Whether it be an employee or subcontractor, both are equally vetted by Michael and Nicole. They do not have any expectations for their team members that they do not have for themselves. Sterling Builders number one priority is creating a strong foundation so that their clients feel safe and comfortable in their homes while work is being done.

Nicole Sterling
Madison Sterling

Madison Sterling

Madison is what we here at Sterling Builders call the Jill of all trades. You may see her on-site working alongside Michael, operating the equipment, or doing material runs. When she is not doing that, Madison is busy handling the day-to-day business marketing, taking renovation photos, or helping Nicole in the office. In her free time, she loves to long-board, spend time with her rabbit Leo, ski, volunteer for various duties at church, and hang out with her friends.

Makenzy Sterling

Makenzy while still in high school, helps mom part-time in the office, and shares the business marketing duties with her sister Madison. When she isn’t doing homework or running around with her friends she likes to listen to music, cuddle with her dogs, paint amazing pictures, and entertain her family with her hilarious antics.

Makenzy Sterling

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