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Apartment Rehab for Legacy Arms

Improving the quality of the apartment

An apartment rehab can include simple cosmetics or a complete overhaul inside and out. The objective is not to just repair what is broken, but to also enhance them for the future. Our end goal is to ensure that we are improving the quality of the apartment and potentially increasing the rental amount you can ask; which will give you a strong ROI for many years ahead.

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Eclectic-style apartments

The pictures above and below are from an Apartment Rehab we completed for Legacy Arms. The project consisted of Rehabbing all cabinets, fresh paint on interior walls and ceiling, new flooring, changing out old plumbing and fixtures, and replacing doors where needed. It gave a nice update to these cute, eclectic-style apartments.

Apartment Rehab Arms back
Apartment Rehab kitchen refresh
Apartment Rehab living area
Apartment Rehab Truckee flats

Highly desirable design

This next Apartment Rehab you see is Truckee Flats. The rehab for this complex was a much larger project. Not only were these units upgraded with new carpet and paint, but amenities were added to them as well. The studios in the back received a new roof slope extension to give the units a porch and covered area. While the larger 2-bedroom units had an entire stair re-build, security lighting added, and the overhead power was removed and changed to underground.

The front 5-unit building on this property received an entire makeover; kitchens, baths, paint, fixtures, and flooring. New insulation was added throughout, and the roof was re-built.

Additionally, we remodeled and split one of the units transforming it into an office for the property manager; while the other side became a tenant’s laundry area. A new parking lot with adequate lighting was also included. The specially designed volleyball, bocce ball court, bbq, custom fire pit, paver patio, and little dog area made this complex highly desirable to the college student demographic the owner was hoping to attract.

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