Jonada 2nd story addition exterior
Home Addition stairway

The perfect addition

Additions are a great way to invest in your home. A well-planned addition not only adds more space to your home but also adds value. Examples of home additions might include a larger kitchen, new bathroom, personalized master suite, at home office, family room, theater room, shop, second story, or in-law quarters. Whatever it may be for you, we can help you to design and construct the perfect addition for your existing home.

Examples of home additions might include a larger kitchen, new bathroom, personalized master bedroom, an office, a family room, theater room, a shop, and in-law quarters.

Additions are becoming more popular as homeowners find themselves needing to work from home, or feel like they have the perfect home, but need some extra space. For many, adding on is more desirable than putting forth the effort of selling and buying a new home. There is something to be said about hiring a contractor, knowing that they will manage your vision, take care of the permitting, select the proper materials, have a job schedule from start to finish, all while working within your budget.

Jonada 2nd story 3

Spacious bedrooms

The above images continue with the same project showing the spacious bedroom with its vaulted ceiling and two windows placed strategically to optimize its views from above. The open-concept bathroom has a shower and tub combination, a large walk-in closet, and plenty of cabinets and shelves to accommodate the owner's needs.

Nixon Historical Home Addition front

Keeping With History

In the following pictures, you will find a unique project we had the opportunity to construct. The house was classified as historical since it was built in the 1920s in the Newlands Historical district on Nixon Street. We matched its Colonial Revival architecture to what it would have been in the 1920s.

However, a bit of modern flair was added to the home with a low-maintenance horizontal lap siding, brick cornerstone accents, and moldings to complement the original structure.

The Newlands Historic District comprises a 171-acre, primarily residential area in southwest Reno that represents the transition between American streetcar and early automobile suburbs. It features a large concentration of well-preserved late-nineteenth-century to mid-twentieth century single-family dwellings and multi-family dwellings in the form of duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes.

Stunning Entrances

In combining the old with the new, we were able to preserve the original exposed red brick when opening the back of his house. It was used to accent the new yellow horizontal lap siding and build the planter in the back of the house. You will notice that those materials, along with the white polyurethane trim ties in beautifully together.

The patio picture where the recessed portion of the home is, is where the new addition starts. Added, was a state-of-the-art kitchen and breakfast nook, with white Rustica French doors that open up to the circular cobble style pavered patio. A new spacious laundry room, exquisite master suite, and a two-car garage were also added on.

The rear picture showcases the completed historical addition with all its intricate details. Notice how the original brick trims out the new garage perfectly while combining the old with the new. A Cupola and Crosshead trim above the windows gives it that final unique touch so that it blends well with its original Colonial Revival architectural history.

Nixon Historical Home Addition rear
LaFond Addition Front
Nixon Historical Home Addition Side Patio
Nixon Historical Stone Pillar

Historic Additions

Several local and national prominent architects including Frederic DeLongchamps, and Paul Revere Williams designed the Newlands Historic district homes. The pictures of the home directly above was in fact one of these historical homes. The stone pillar structure that was arranged along the west side of the street on Nixon Avenue, marked the entrance to Newlands Manor, and it is still standing today.

Unique and Custom Additions

Last but not least this astonishing project shows a very unique addition, it had to be carefully engineered because of the terrain we work with. We have included an in-progress picture of the room add-on.

What made this addition so uniquely different was the 18-foot-tall retaining wall the engineer said needed to be built to accommodate the structure and the fact that its septic system had to be incorporated into the Keystone Block terraced walls. This project was no small feat, but Sterling Builders was up for the challenge!

Garage addition rear
Garage Addition in Progress
LaFond Addition Front

Strong, Quality Additions

Please take notice of the extensive re-bar and steel we included in this build! In the end, the customers were thrilled with how the lean-to roof, added picture windows, and the four-car garage turned out.

Additions to your home can give you a place for everyone and everything, add value to your home, as well as increase the years you plan to stay in it.

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